Allsea Freight



Allsea Freight is a independent shipping service for both commercial and private cargo. We have years of experience in finding the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

We specialise in transporting vehicles alongside general cargo.



Rates and Cargo

Allsea Freight can economically provide competitive rates allowing the exporter to ship all types of cargo including – Automobiles, Motor Cycles, Motorhomes, Caravans, Boats, Trucks and Trailers worldwide.



Allsea Freight have a network of contacts worldwide that can help with exports and imports. Whatever the cargo, we have professionals who can help.



Worldwide Services

CANADA – Halifax
U.S.A. – New York, Baltimore, Charleston, Brunswick, Galveston, Port Hueneme (California) Tacoma (Washington State)
AUSTRALIA – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle
NEW ZEALAND – Auckland
SOUTH AFRICA – Port Elizabeth, Durban
EAST AFRICA – Mombassa, Dar-es-Salaam


Port and Termnial

Allsea Freight can advise shippers with information for loading and unloading of specialised cargo at most ports worldwide


UK Information

Allsea Freight can provide the collection and delivery of both running and non-running vehicles from within the United Kingdom.



Allsea Freight can advise on the different aspects of export and import customs clearance. Our experience in dealing with UK and overseas customs will ensure your cargo is processed witout delay.